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Angela Laffin, Advisor

Before contracting COVID in February 2020, Angela spent most of her time caring for others. Whether it was being a mom for her children, caring for people with dementia and disabilities, or volunteering in her local schools and community. She thrived on being able to care for others. She was a PTA mom — you know those moms — the kind that love to organize all the events and fundraisers, always gathering people together for every occasion possible!

COVID changed all of that, taking away most of her ability to care for herself or do much of anything for most of 2020.

Over the years, Angela has experienced some improvements in a few of her symptoms. She promised herself that if she ever healed enough, she would do whatever she could to try to be there for others in the Long COVID Community, just as some of the others in the community have helped her to get through the days. Currently, Angela hosts Long COVID Zoom Chats and is the campaign organizer for International Long Covid Awareness (ILCA).

* Founder of International Long Covid Awareness (ILCA)

* COVID Long Hauler as of 2/2020

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