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Brianne Dressen, Advisor

Brianne Dressen is a previously healthy preschool teacher, and mother of two young children.

Early in life she learned that setting challenging goals and accomplishing near impossible tasks was rewarding for her. She earned her Bachelor of Science in communications at age 20 and worked diligently to be the youngest project manager in her company’s history.

She has often been found taking the path less traveled, as advocating and helping the marginalized has been a lifelong passion. Throughout her life she has regularly participated in various developmental programs that help children and teens learn life skills and overcome their challenges. After having two kids of her own, she found her life calling in helping to transform the lives of those who fall out of the “norm” and built her own preschool centered around helping those children who struggled in a typical classroom environment.

As an educator, she qualified to be a participant in the clinical trial for the AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine. In November 2020, she got her one and only shot which changed her life forever. She experienced severe paresthesia, blurred and double vision, extreme sound, light, touch, and teeth sensitivity. She was confined to her bedroom in isolation with her symptoms for months, removed from her family. She also experienced tinnitus, brain fog, memory loss, limb weakness, motor dysfunction of her legs, and loss of bladder control. When her legs failed her, she was diagnosed with “anxiety due to the COVID Vaccine” and was sent home with in-home physical and occupational therapy. As her condition evolved, she experienced tachycardia, blood pressure fluctuations, temperature dysregulation, and “internal electric shocks” or internal vibrations.

Her husband, a PhD chemist, got to work right away trying to figure out what was happening and reached out to lead COVID researchers all over the globe and combing the Long COVID research for clues. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) took on Brianne’s case and she received testing and treatment in June 2021.

As her own condition improved, the community of vaccine injured continued to grow into the tens of thousands. Like her, these individuals were all experiencing life-altering adverse reactions with little to no help from their communities, their medical teams, or their governments. Brianne and others joined together to challenge the officials at the FDA, CDC and NIH to research, review, and communicate the potential side-effects which would then open the doors for medical care and research.

After months of inconsequential responses, she realized that progress was not going to happen soon enough and that the growing number of injured would need to figure this out on their own. A year into her own harrowing journey she founded the first 501c(3) to focus on helping the vaccine injured. Her goals are simple, to pave the way for a path to healing for all who are suffering lasting illness post COVID Vaccination. She believes that science holds the keys to getting people better.

* Founder of React19

* Utah State University, B. Sc. in Communications

* COVID Vaccine Injured as of 11/2020

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