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At the Long COVID Foundation, our mission is to bring awareness to the public regarding Long COVID & other pandemic related issues, advocate for better testing, trials, & treatments for Long COVID, and take action in assisting COVID Long Haulers, and others affected by the pandemic, which includes putting forth campaigns to aid in the mitigation of COVID and other actions. We are big believers that COVID Viral Persistence and COVID Spike Persistence should be a main focus of researchers and others. In order to regain health it's important to get to the root cause of an illness and treat it. It would be less than ideal for the Long COVID Community to go through what those with Chronic Lyme and other chronic conditions have gone thorough. Especially with all the research already available showing persistence of COVID, viral RNA, & spike protein. This is one of the main reasons the Long COVID Foundation was formed. Tens of millions of people have, or have had, Long COVID in the United States alone, where we are based. We don't not want them to fall by the wayside like so many millions with chronic illness have in the decades prior to COVID. Enough is enough. We need better commercially available testing and better treatments to eliminate these chronic pathogens and do what's needed to heal these chronic illnesses. Assisting people to regain their health is our main goal. We understand the complexity and hurdles of that, but we will do what we can to help.

* Awareness:  There are many people who still do not know the term "Long COVID" or how life altering Long COVID can be. They're unaware of the damage it causes physically and otherwise. A big piece of bringing awareness will be the docuseries "Castaways", currently being filmed. The Long COVID Foundation is assisting in the editing and production side of the series. We will also be doing billboard campaigns and more to get the word out.

* Advocacy:  We advocate for better tests, trials, and treatments. There is a plethora of research showing COVID can be persistent so we want to make sure that avenue is properly explored, and not ignored like with many chronic illnesses previously.

* Action:  Action is where we see our largest contributions. We will push for COVID mitigation, especially in hospitals, large public spaces, and schools. In the future we aim to provide help to COVID Long Haulers and the COVID Vaccine Injured in particular, with direct care clinics. The clinics will take a lot of money to create properly (sufficient filtration systems, most advanced integrative technology, etc.), so this is a goal for the future.


The Long COVID Foundation has a dedicated team of leaders. Everyone on the board and advisor team is a COVID Long Hauler and/or COVID Vaccine Injured. They are very aware of the trials and tribulations those who suffer from these issues are dealing with. Many of our leaders have their own organizations where they already have been aiding those in need for quite some time. 


We are proud to partner with organizations and individuals who share our commitment to improving the lives of those affected by Long COVID and the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, we work to provide support to those struggling with Long COVID and other pandemic related conditions. If you are interested in partnering with us, please reach out to learn more about how we can work together. We also appreciate all the other organizations and people who support us by giving their time, energy, and money in order to help with the very worthy causes of which we are taking part.

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