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Long Covid Action Project

The Long Covid Action Project (LCAP) is a united, diverse force of non-partisan individuals taking action to end the Long COVID crisis. They demand urgent treatment and support for the Long COVID community by mobilizing public awareness and driving government accountability.

International Long COVID Awareness

International Long COVID Awareness created an international day for Long COVID, which is March 15th. They also in 2023 began an awareness campaign to:

  • Increase Long COVID visibility 

  • Prevent COVID infections 

  • Empower patients 

  • Share support and resources

  • Educate about the symptoms of Long COVID

  • Highlight the need to fund relevant research



React19 is a science-based non-profit offering financial, physical, and emotional support for those suffering from long term COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events globally. Their mission is to bring healing to the moms, dads, friends, and loved ones who are facing life-altering side effects from their COVID-19 Vaccine. They build bridges between patients and research institutions in order to develop a better understanding of vaccine complications. React19 works with both patients and providers, as well as research teams. Their programs all fall within 3 categories of assistance (financial, physical, and emotional). Programs include funding, promoting, and sharing relevant scientific research; bringing the right medical teams together with patients; direct financial assistance; educational outreach; and supporting communities where impacted people can begin to heal physically and emotionally.

LCF Supporters

Covid Castaways

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