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The Long COVID Foundation is excited about its' initiatives. Awareness and advocacy are important, but we feel actions are the cornerstone of how we can make real progress. We will push for clean air and masking through campaigns. We want to provide support to COVID Long Haulers in various ways, but our main goal, if able to raise enough funds, is to start integrative lower cost centers so people have access to care that they've been unable to get or afford.

We have big goals for the future, but we will need adequate resources to make this happen. We hope you can help provide support via donations to make these lofty goals happen. Below you can see our current initiatives.

Current Initiatives

1. Clean Air & COVID Mitigation in Schools

The Long COVID Foundation, in conjunction with the Long Covid Action Project, is asking school districts to improve their air quality in order to reduce COVID infections amongst kids, teachers, and staff. An Italian Study, showed 6 air changes an hour reduces COVID infections by 82%. We are reaching out to local school districts to ascertain their current mitigation procedures and protocols in order to see how we can support or improve them. This will be a tall task as the schools may pass the buck to others. We have to try and put some pressure on them though and see where it takes us as schools are an incredibly important place for COVID mitigation. We have to protect the children.

We call upon the Long COVID Community and allies to join in this important common sense action. Here's what you do, take the template below (you can open the link and copy and paste into an email), add the correct information regarding who you are contacting and add your name at the bottom, and add any additional details you'd like, such as you have a child that goes to this school or you graduated from the school. Email the top brass, school board, principal, the PTA, etc. and when you do so CC or BC so we can keep track of the emails and responses. Additionally, it would be appreciated if you could fill out a Google Form, found here so we can keep better track of this action. It will take only about 1 minute. 

Below you will find a snapshot of the template, and below that you can find the link to the template to use in the email.


















2. Billboards

Long COVID needs more awareness and billboards are a good way to raise awareness. They are a relatively inexpensive way to bring eyeballs to this major problem. Designs will be created and LCF will ask for feedback before we pick one or multiple.

3. Fundraising for the LC/DC march for Long COVID in Washington D.C. on March 15, 2024

The LC/DC march will be a large rally held on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. on March 15, 2024. The group putting on this event will need money for security, EMTs, materials, and many other things. LCF is helping to raise funds so that this event can be funded properly. It will be the first major rally for Long COVID in the United States.


* Initiatives in white indicate they are active and not just passively open

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