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The Long COVID Foundation is excited about its' initiatives. Awareness and advocacy are important, but we feel actions are the cornerstone of how we can make real progress. We will push for clean air and masking through campaigns. We want to provide support to COVID Long Haulers in various ways, but our main goal, if able to raise enough funds, is to start integrative lower cost centers so people have access to care that they've been unable to get or afford.

We have big goals for the future, but we will need adequate resources to make this happen. We hope you can help provide support via donations to make these lofty goals happen. Below you can see our current initiatives.

Major Initiative

Long COVID Funding (USA)

Bernie Sanders recently came out with a draft proposal for funding for Long COVID. The appropriations listed in the bill were for $1 billion a year over 10 years. LCF, and many others in the community, find this inadequate and insufficient. It's far too low based on the size and serious of the problem. Approximately, 23.4 million are actively suffering with Long COVID in the United States. They need antivirals, treatments, trials, improved testing, air filtration in public spaces, SSDI, medicaid/medicare coverage, and other support. The kind of support the HIV community receives which is 1.2 million large in the USA and receives $35 billion in domestic funding annually. Long COVID is a much larger problem, that's unstable, and fast growing due to an ever mutating airborne pathogen that has been proven to persist in people.

LCF, along with LCAP, ILCA, and other organizations request a starting point of $28/billion a year for Long Haul COVID. We need your help to request substantial funding so that Long Haulers are not hamstrung by the current ask of $1 billion a year. Having a serious chronic disease underfunded will lead to many suffering from low quality of life and needless deaths. We have seen this with other poorly funded chronic illnesses such as Chronic Lyme, those diagnosed with ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, and others. This needs to stop. As a community we need to ask for better. LCF is doing just that. Help COVID Long Haulers by taking part in this initiative. As of the current, it's important you contact the Senate HELP Committee members and your federal legislators by May 7th (2024). Please read below. ... More information to come.


Other Initiatives

1. Clean Air & COVID Mitigation in Schools

LCF is working to bring clean air and COVID mitigation to schools. We have been in talks with various schools district administrators, boards, and organizations as we push to reduce airborne illness for kids, teachers, and staff. An Italian Study, showed 6 air changes an hour reduces COVID infections by 82%. This study illustrates how important air filtration is in schools.

2. Billboards

Long COVID needs more awareness and billboards are a good way to raise awareness. Many people still don't know the term Long COVID, nevertheless, the devastating effects of this disease. Billboards are a relatively inexpensive way to bring eyeballs to this major problem. As a 501(c)(3) we do have opportunities for no cost billboards, which we are currently seeking out.

3. Treatment Survey

We are seeking COVID Long Haulers to fill out a treatment survey on common Long COVID used treatments. Most everything is laid out for you, so you don't have to rack your brain to think of all the things you tried. We made it nice and easy in that respect, and that the treatments are broken up into categories. So far we have a couple hundred surveys completed, but we are looking to get to around 1,000+ so that we can provide the information to researchers and practitioners who would be able to utilize the info to direct what treatments may be worth trying or trialing. Please fill out the survey, which you can find in the link below.

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