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Cary Shore, DNP, PMHNP-BC, Advisor

Cary is a board certified Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with a doctorate degree, practicing in both Oregon and Washington. She specializes in compassionately guiding patients to navigate their new route toward a healthier future. Her approach is mindful, but focused, based on people's individual needs. She currently works with patients to offer: comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, follow up appointments, diagnosis, prescriptive medications, as well as general therapy.

Cary is also a COVID Long Hauler since November of 2019. She's done a number of mainstream, integrative, and alternative treatments in order to improve her health. In addition to Long COVID, she suffers from Chronic Lyme as well. Because of all this, and her medical background, she has a vast understanding of what those with chronic illness go through and understands both allopathic and alternative medicine. She joined on as an advisor to use her skills to help people suffering from Long COVID.

* Founder of Mind RX

* University of Washington (Seattle) Undergraduate

* Seattle University, Master's in Nursing & Doctor of Nursing Practice

* COVID Long Hauler as of 11/2019

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