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Suzanne Palms, Founding Director

Suzanne was a multistate tax attorney with a global tax law firm, plus has in-house experience. She was working at Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP until August 2020, when she had to stop working due to Long COVID, which she originally contracted in July of 2020.

She moved from Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC in 2021 in order to take part in an Ampligen Expanded Access Program. She's been on Ampligen since July of 2021, except for a 5 month respite (still on as of 9/30/23). It's helped her significantly, but not completely.

Suzanne was an avid runner & hopes to get back to that, along with her legal career, in the future. In the meantime, she is excited to use her past experiences to help others with the same affliction.

* University of Florida, B.Sc. Accounting, Master of Accounting, & J.D.

* Georgetown University, Master of Laws in Taxation

* COVID Long Hauler as of 7/2020

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